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European Voices
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The magazine is published exclusively in English

European Voices is published as a magazine series four times a calendar year.

“European Voices“ shall be an open arena for political discussions. It aims to be a platform for experts, scholars, writers, political thinkers, and observers who reflect on Europe’s state of affairs and who share visions that might shape Europe’s future. It addresses an audience that wants to be part of these debates. Although being aware of transatlantic ties in various aspects, “European Voices” focuses on the region of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe: authors from Poland to Romania, from Austria to Albania will draw a wide picture of Europe’s different points of view in politics, economy, and society. “European Voices“ is their voice. We are guided by pro-European, democratic, and liberal principles. We are committed to the ideas of social market economy and the rule of law. We believe that an open debate is not only necessary in democratic societies but will make them fairer and stronger.

With contributions from Ivan Krastev, Viktor Orbán, Kaja Kallas, Nathalie Tocci, Werner Hoyer, Ilija Trojanow and many others.